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Neural Control And Coordination


During accommodation for near ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: During accommodation for near vision

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Text Solution

images from the distant objects are focussed behind the retinathe focussing power of the lens is increasedthe sympathetic nerves to the eye are activatedthe pupil does not constrict

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Chapter NameNeural Control And Coordination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is the during the accommodation of for the vision new version here the image from the distance of chaitya focus 318 the focusing power of the lens is increased sympathetic nerves are there are activated on the people they does not construct if you talk about the accommodation help this is defined as the ability of the lens to change its shape so that it can actually look at the distance distance or the nearby objects right so the ability of lens to change the shape so that the I could be able to Sidhi distance of the nearby objects you're right that is worthy accommodation is like the first we were looking at the far objects they know we are looking for some near object to the lens has to change shape according to that and then property is known as the accommodation during accommodation what happens if this is the right now we're talking about the nearest

netvision the object has to be here like very much closer to the I here now during the eye when during the process the eye is having a look at the rear of that light will check the example of the computer screen right when we're looking at the computer screen so we can see that the field of vision is very much height years we have the wide-angle right and wide angle what we get if we get the tremendous amount of light entering our eyes so we know that during the bright light we actually tend to prove the right because we are not able to see that much of Lightyear so what happened The Pupil was constructed as the one which control the amount of light entering the eye Pupil will construct because the light from the nearby objects it is a computer screen it is ensuring the idea to the construction of people will avoid the strong diverting light ray hitting the Periphery of the cornea

from entering the liar and credit rating is blurred image of the length of the lens it is to actually focus serial light onto the right from the object the image will be focused onto the retina which is at the back side of the I hear the function is done by the cornea as excellent you so the options given the first is last I can see here The Pupil does not construct your right this is totally wrong one here because in the accommodation The Pupil will construct in order to avoid the blood image right blood in order to avoid the blood image formation the people will construct the sympathetic nerves to the idea activated this is not the case here the image from the distance object their focus concerned with the near future so distant object they are out of options here to the correct answer is the focusing power of the lens is increased because the I have to focus on the year

object which is just 30 cm 35 cm away from the eyes here and The Pupil in construct here and the lens will actually focus clear image of the that particular object on the retina here and the postal will be able to differentiate


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