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Class 11






Morphology Of Flowering Plants


Dorsiventral dehiscence occurs...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Dorsiventral dehiscence occurs in fruits (a) Legume " " (b) Follicle ( c) Siliqua " " (d) Capsule

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Text Solution

(a) and (b) (b) and ( c) (b) and (d) (a) and ( c)

Answer : D


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Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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relevance to the question is dorsiventral days and occurs in fruits of which type and the options are legumes siliqua political or capsule to the fruits can be dry or AC now the dry fruits tools and known as different fruits so there he sent to the woods these are always dry always dry and queen The perika breakdown it burst on ripening and the seeds are liberated so the perika burst on ripening ripening and

are liberated liberated different types of the days and fruits and the 4 types of days and fruits will be the first one is follicle first one is political equality is a dry many seated dates fruit and the Pinnacle tasers or break down along the ventral Sachin only so in political type the perika break down along the only type will be the legume or fraud or odd in this type this is also a type of dry many saturdays in fruit and hear the pedicle disease along both the winter

and dorsal such as so here we can say that legumes ventral decent fruit the perika it worse on Central next one is capsule next type is capsule and in capsule it is one or more sales fruit and the day since may take place either by walls are the posts here the days and takes place by a part or poet and the last time is here it is from the base to Epic and that can be dorsiventral centrally the day Saints take place and from the best tour

and here are the seeds are left on the false parties and one that is known as the reply the false false partition wall where the seeds are left that is known as reply from the given option the first option is legume and in legume we can see the dorsiventral day is it occurs to this will be correct here next one is follicle in political it is only the ventral days and so this one is incorrect option here next option is still required in silico the days and takes place dorsiventral leaf and this is also correct answer and the last option is caption in caption with thought that the days takes place through walls or pole to this one will be incorrect here

the correct answer the question Tausif and today is in percent roots of legume and liquid it is our answer here


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