Question : Dissociation curve shifts to the right when

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Dissociation curve shifts to the right when

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`CO_(2)` concentration decrease`CO_(2)` concentration increases`O_(2)` concentration decrease `Cl^(-)` concentration increases

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the following question question is dissociation curve the right so what are we talking about we are talking about oxygen dissociation curve this association so what does this curve represent so we will have a graph in which the x-axis represents po2 concentration in mm HD y axis represents the hemoglobin saturation the percent will have 100% and here will have 50% so po2 hand range from 10

hundred again will have now if I plot the graph for oxygen dissociation curve so it will show a sigmoid graph sigmoid craft something like this where the dissociation this will be dissociation curve and shift to right side or it can also ship to left so when can I shift to right is under low pH condition high temperature and under high CO2 level as the graph shift left under high pH alkaline

low temperature and low CO2 concentration the questions that dissociation curve shift to right so these are the three conditions to shift to right so which is the correct answer it will be CO2 concentration increases option is to thank you

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QuestionDissociation curve shifts to the right when
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