Discuss the statement Flower is a modified shoot'.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Few evidences which prove that .flower is a modified shoot. are:
(i) A flower appears from a bud.
(ii) In rose, tip of flower can elongate to form another flower or vegetative shoot.
(iii) In Nymphaea (water lily), transitional stages between sepals and petals and also in petals and stamens can be observed.
(iv) In Degenearia, carpels donot bear style and stigma. Carpel is respresented by folded leaves. ocr_image
(v) Sepals look like vegetative leaves in rose .
(vi) Presence of androphore in Passiflora and gynophore in Capparis and both androphore and gynophore Gynandropsis indicates its vegetative shoot like character .
A, Androphore of Passiflora, B,Gynophore of Capparis , C, Both androphore and gynophore in Gynandropsis.


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