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Discuss the general characteri...

Discuss the general characteristics of the phylum coelenterata or cnidaria.

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Solution : General characters of phylum coelenterata or cnidaria are as follows : <br> (i) Cnidarians have basically two types of bodies. These are as follows: <br> (a) Polyp (cup shaped): Polyp is sessile cylindrical structure with mouth and tentacles facing upwards. <br> (b) Medusa :It is free swimming body with mouth and tentacles facing downwards. <br> (ii) Symmetry of coelenterates is usually radial. <br> (iii) Cnidarians are diploblastic like sponges, i.e., with two germ layers, ectoderm and endoderm. <br> (iv) Tissue level of organisation occurs in cnidarians. <br> (v). Locomotory appendages are absent in cnidarians. <br> (vi) The specific cells in specific cnidarians include stinging cells (cnidoblasts or nematoblasts) for offence and defence, interstitial cells to replace the worn out cells and epitheliomuscular cells to provide musculature. <br> (vii) Digestion is mainly intracellular and intercellular <br> (viii) All the cells are in contact with water. Therefore, they exchange gases, directly. <br> (ix) In cnidarians, excretion occurs through general body surface. Cnidarians are ammonotelic <br> (x) Sensory cells occur in the body wall <br> (xi) A horny exoskeleton as well as endoskeleton is present in many cases. <br> (xii) Asexual reproduction occurs through fragmentation, budding and fission. <br> (xiii) Animals are monoecious or dioecious. Fertilization is external or internal.


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QuestionDiscuss the general characteristics of the phylum coelenterata or cnidaria.
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