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Class 12






Human Health And Disease


Differentiate the following an...

Differentiate the following and give examples of each: (a) Innate and acquired immunity (b) Active and passive immunity

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate the following and give examples of each: (a) Innate and acquired immunity (b) Active and passive immunity


Text Solution

Solution : (a) Innate and acquired immunity <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (b) Active and passive immunity <br> <img src="" width="80%">


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Differentiate the following and give examples of each: (a) Innate and acquired immunity (b) Active and passive immunity
Chapter NameHuman Health And Disease
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone today's question is differentiate the following and give example of each purchase in it and acquiring the second is active and passive that we need to differentiate between the select star to the first one Dhanteras image in which adaptive immunity or acquired in the first point in ne

liquid get it so it is my this is not there is little busy but it is when we have time there is no time as there is no time delay but in this picture there is no chances of Side Effects no side effect

but there are chances of side effect that will start working on server error select the example which is our example there are four major barriers in the will see each of them first one is outside present on skin sitting area is chemical security that is example interference these are basically secreted by the cell in which the pathogen virus spread gandi map

cell cell in Intel which work for example nutro fares best off and defensive then we have renewed various physiological and writing here example passages examples of India causes humoral immune antibody humoral immunity is due to antibodies produced in the body

it is due to beta this is all about innate and adaptive immunity immunity immunity spelling from the world wide required after book in English on body move that body examples are physical barriers exchange Inter College used in the Bible is infected by virus to tell yourself that is that it is infected with villages in

important question that active and passive music active that it is responding generated

due to own immune system it is called from some others to the get immunity from so each of them is of two type active immunity is also of to type president is observed to be natural and artificial classification and weaknesses examples in Bengali natural artificial natural body is post to Naturally

artificial is a condition that is artificial is giving the artificial this is natural which we get from Mother that is from child to lekin by mother provide antibodies in the body the body are externally provided design mehndi generated on a system which we get from some other to

active immunity is a p-type natural body exposed to the pathogen that is what is getting the message artificial through vaccination natural passive immunity is right to Mother by management and this is all about the question first part is conducting Unity then IT Act


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