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Differentiate between the following pairs of terms on the basis of what is indicated with in the brackets:
Motor nerve and sensory nerve (function)



hello students in this question we need to differentiate between the pairs of term on the basis of what is indicated in the bracket and here we need to differentiate the motor nerve and the centrino based on the function value talk about the sensory nerve the sensory nerve is the know which carry the signals from the sensory organs of the peripheral organ so from the sensory organs it is going to carry the sensory signals to the was the brain where as the motor nerve is that no which is going to get the motor signals Japanese want to sensory nerve take two signals to the Brain it is going to associate in the brain and then get the motor signals back from the brain to the peripheral effector organs select an example of this for example we have you go to touch your heart objects to that means our
fingers that the fingers are touching hot objects that Mrs knows which occurred at the tip of the single they are going to take it to the sensory nerve Dekho to take the help of the sensory nerve to take signal to the Brain was it goes into the frame they will go to the association area of the brain and the signals will be analysed and immediately a motor signal will be initiated from there the motor signal is now going to carry it back to the peripheral organ and this ferifer login in this case is the muscle now what will happen the muscle will get contracted In response to the stimulus which it receives the muscle will help in the withdrawal of the singer of the singer will protect the finger from Burning to the object so when we talk about examples of the motor and sensory know that in the cranial nerves we have 12 pairs of cranial nerves so they are named according to the Roman numerals while the seat nerve number 1 number 2
and the nerve Eid Teesri nerves are the sensory nerves that was going to carry the signal from the sensory organ towards the brain whereas The Other nerves at is number 3 number 4 number 6 11 and 12 are supposed to be the motor nerves were the ones you select other mixture that means getting both type of neurones and then century as well as motor so they are called on this is how the motor neurone and the sensory nerve they are different from each other write this is all about this query thank you


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