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Differentiate between the foll...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between the following: Forests and pond, as two habitats



Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 6 exams.

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Chapter NamePractice Assignment
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question we have to differentiate between forest and pond as to Habitat so we all know that in nature many different kinds of ecosystems are found we can say that ecosystem structural functional unit of nature in which many different living organisms are found and apart from the living organism there are also many non living factors which is water soil temperature sunlight all of these which are going to affect the living things we know that a variety of ecosystems can be found on earth the two

broad categories into which we divide the sequel system and the aquatic ecosystem so were we have been given one example of each of forest is a typical Terrestrial ecosystem where are a pond is aquatic ecosystem now both are going to have some similarities in both ecosystems we are going to find similar relationships between different living organisms we are going to find a food chain and both of them but there are some fundamental differences also between the Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem and any water body whether it is a lake or pond undergoes and eating show the characteristics in a pond or a lake are going to change over time and the pond or Lake tend to become

Shalu with time because at the bottom of the the waste materials are going to pile up there going to get deposited where as in case of forest ecosystem the community can remain stable and it can remain the same for a very long period of time Subah main differences that in a pond because it is an aquatic ecosystem it has an aging process as the water becomes less and less clear a lot of streams come into the phone a lot of nutrients are added the waste material gift accumulating at the bottom the pond becomes shallow it undergoes an aging process where as for Terrestrial ecosystem like a forest in the community the ecosystem can remain stable for very long period of time no such ageing process will be Apparent apart from this the food chain will be found in both of these but it will be quite different the number of plant the

density of vegetation is obviously more in a forest because so many plants cannot be found in a water body as much as their own land so the food production the beginning of the food chain in case of the forest it will be the vegetation the green plant Where are in case of the water bodies the floating organisms algae on the plankton can play a major role in the food production from such differences are seen between Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem sofa forest and what can we say what is the difference between two Habitat forests Terrestrial ecosystem want is aquatic and therefore we have a lot of similarity because both and naturally ko but again they have many fundamental differences in their composition and relationships between different components of the habitat


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