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Class 10






Endocrine System


Differentiate between the foll...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between the following: Dwarfism and Cretinism

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 10 exams.

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Chapter NameEndocrine System
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question is differentiate differentiate between the following the first one is the door and the next one is the cretinism ok bye have to differentiate between the and Autism and Katrina Azam every talk about a dwarfism this disease is caused by the deficiency of our pituitary hormone ok this is caused by deficiency night duty CNC of a cutie hormone which is our growth hormone ok that's right it growth hormone fine in short we can write ghk this is me and this is not every talked about the cretinism this cretinism is caused by the deficiency of desi CNC off

thyroid deficiency of our thyroid hormone and thyroid hormone is nothing it is thyroxine hormone it is roxine hormone which is secreted by thyroid thyroid gland find talk about the deficiency of thyroid hormone which causes Autism and in this the person is very of short height of s called as it is of very short height ok short height fine and restore the function like it mental conditions if we talked about the patient of mental condition is normal intelligence ok there is no harm there is no retardation of a mental condition or is it about their sexual organs of sexual development is also ok ok sexual development

is also ke so are the main thing which occurs due to this deficiency of a growth hormone deficiency of this growth hormone is that got season of an organism and the mental condition and the sexual development both are ok Origins is fine in this no talk about the deficiency of thyroid hormone the first and the most important thing is they all have through body group slow body growth and about the growth hormone deficiency the mental condition for lovers all OK what is it about the difficulty of thyroid hormone they have mental retardation they have mental recharge Deccan ok they have mental retardation fine now what about the sexual development in the growth hormone deficiency the sex organ properly developed ok there are there is no impairment of development but every

thyroid hormone development of retardation of retardation of origin write in sexual development was the major issues is a person is suffering from the deficiency of thyroxine hormone ok the first important thing is a body growth will be recorded on the Floor Body growth S is a mental retardation if you want to differentiate between the mental retardation are you can see deficiency of thyroid hormone growth hormone their mental condition the percentage of deficiency of mental condition will be all ok ok and if you talk about the deficiency of thyroid hormone their division and they have a mental retardation and development Bihar Barasat sexual development and growth hormone the sexual development is all ok I hope this played without thanks

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