Question : Differentiate between Phellem and phelloderm

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between Phellem and phelloderm

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The phellem cells are characterized by suberin deposits on their walls and they are dead at maturity. They are usually prismatic in shape and are arranged compactly in radial rows. On the other hand, the cells of phelloderm are living with non-suberised cellulose walls which have simple pits.


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hello students were the question is differentiate between Salem and phelloderm to these two are the layers of layers of periderm the now let us see the difference between these two the first differences film is called as Park where as fellow term is called as secondary copy this is the difference between in the name S difference is present in the outer side outer side is present in and these two are present in halogen halogen is it worth of freedom and differences that sells lyrics

4 distance is the cells of Pelham is closely packed to each other not closely packed to each other and coming to describe the different the film layer is impermeable to water that is they will not allow water to pass through them where are the layer of coloured Ram a permeable will allow this In Parade drum pela melson protection 10 kg else in storage storage of food and differences film as 4 and lentils present where as in fellow drum and lentils are not presence is the seventh the difference and these are the difference between Salem and drum understood the concept

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QuestionDifferentiate between Phellem and phelloderm
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