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Morphology Of Flowering Plants


Differentiate between Leaf ten...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between Leaf tendrils and stem tendrils

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Solution : When leaves are modified into slender, wiry, often closely coiled structures, they are known as leaf tendrils. The leaf may be partially or wholly modified into tendril. Whereas the stem tendril is also a slender, spirally coiled, threadlike structure which helps the plant to climb, but it is a modification of an axillary bud, a sympodial axis or even of a flower bud.

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Chapter NameMorphology Of Flowering Plants
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hello students over question is differentiate between leaf tendrils and stem tendrils fall what are tendrils we are specialised organs and basically their modifications of stem leave excetra their thread light structures they provide support to the plant and basically squad in shape now let us discuss the difference between stem tendrils and

leaf tendril show stem tendrils are basically modified and where are leaf tendrils modified leaf or leaflet what is my leave leaf let so the examples of stem tendrils are leaf tendrils are one of the example of stem tendril is passiflora also known as passion flower example of plant having leaf tendrils Garden pea

scientific name pisum sativum so this is the basic difference between leaf tendril and stem tendril thankyou


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