Differentiate between hydrophytes and mesophytes.


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Step by step video solution for Differentiate between hydrophytes and mesophytes. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 6 exams.


students let's discuss this question differentiate between hydrophytes and mesophytes hydrophytes share Mizo fights let's discuss first of all what are hydrophytes and its name suggests hydro Water and fights means plants so we can write that hydrophytes are plants which live in water plants which lives in water Now means in between and fight stands for plants that are the plants which live in Terrestrial Habitat and can survive in average amount of water these are the plants
these are the Terrestrial plants which can survive and every supply of water leaks of hydrophytes are broad and Flat so as to help them float in the water there as leaves of mesophytes are generally large but they can be small in some plants leaves are broad and leaves are generally large
system of hydrophytes is less developed but the root system of Mizo files are well developed a system is poorly developed root system well developed come back to the lives of these hydrophytes lakh cuticle On The Leaves they lack cuticle Bhakti cuticle is present now what is cuticle
is a waxy layer which is present on the epidermis of leaf and stem of the tissues of the leaves leaves of hydrophytes have Erin kamma tissue in the leaves and Karisma is modified parenchyma which makes them to float they have Erin kamma tissues in the leaf where as in case of mesophytes they have sarangamath issues in the league they have tissues it means that the tissues of means of rights are not modified into nerungama tissues point is hydrophyte have higher number of stomata which are
present on the upper surface of the leaf they have higher number of stomata which are present on the upper surface of leaves where as in case of mesophytes they have average number of stomata and a present on the lower surface of the stomata are present on the
Google surface of the leaf now let's talk about the examples of these plants the example includes water lily and Lotus example of visa price includes a number of the day can be Neem mango or wheat this was the difference between hydrophytes and Mizo fights thank you students

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