Question : Differentiate between Heartwood and sapwood

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between Heartwood and sapwood

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In most trees the outer light coloured region of the wood is distinct from the inner dark coloured region. The former is known as sapwood and the latter heartwood. The sapwood consists of living cells, whereas the heartwood is composed of dead cells which become impregnated with resins, gummy or tannin like substances.


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real question is differentiate between hardwood to make comparison between the right to talk about the hardwood what is the inner part Independence card of Pritam right but would affect Tok outer layer of gold is formed between the hardwood and between the heart and night point of difference is also called it is also called

duramen and is also called Album album right then mixed point of difference is that it occurs in the ACA Hindi centre of them well as it occurs in the peripheral region region tried it is dark in colour dark in colour light in colour

also heartwood is hard and heavier it is hard and heavier and soft and lighter also hurt could have yeah so it would have a deposition of pregnancy it contains more component and support contains most most followed every position component right also here cells are arrange density density

density at rojadi responsible for providing mechanical support it provide mechanical support and responsible for transporting water and nutrients for water and nutrients comparison difference between the heartwood and sapwood

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QuestionDifferentiate between Heartwood and sapwood
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