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Class 12






Self Assessment Paper 06


Differentiate between : Fertil...

Differentiate between : Fertilisation and Parturition

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between : Fertilisation and Parturition



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Differentiate between : Fertilisation and Parturition
Chapter NameSelf Assessment Paper 06
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students have a look at the question question is differentiate between fertilization and the party addition to their we will see the fertilization and write the fertilization and parturition this is both are the process involved in the part of the sexual reproduction as a result of sexual reproduction fertilization it is a fusion of it is it is a fusion of fusion of gametes to haploid gametes to haploid gametes fuse together to make a diploid zygote to make a diploid zygote so here are gametes used are the male gamete and the female

gamete male gamete in case of human sexual reproduction it is Palm and in case of female these are egg these are haploid and the combined to form the zygote which is deployed in nature and fertilization under natural condition and the normal healthy condition it is internal internal in the inside the fallopian tubes of the female while if it's up it's a person is not able to conceive naturally to then it is a assisted reproductive Technology they are being using hair in this case external fertilization takes place but in the natural condition it is Internal so this is about the fertilization to gametes are involved that former zycort if you see the parts you addition it is the series of events or we can say that a series of complex event complex

soft the pregnancy it is the termination of the pregnancy when there is delivering of baby or the expulsion of the baby expansion of the baby you can see that the full mature foetus full maturitas which after it coming out it is termed as a baby full picture Peters along with our along with the Placenta Placenta in which had resided along with the Placenta at the end of gestation and the end of gestation is called as the petition is after 9 months of pregnancy will talking about the humans at that is known as a gestation period at the end of the end of the gestation expulsion of full method foetus it is being done and along with the Placenta that is been

how to strong the uterus of the female uterus of the female body of email that is called as a party addition it is a it is the it is also called as delivery and the labour and In this phase woman faces a very intense pain very it's a highly painful is the highly painful event highly painful is process involved in the gestation period so this is about the fertilization and parturition whereas fertilization doesn't causes any pain it's just the when the male sperm meets with up at the button partition a lot of physical design tiredness abdominal cramps are being felt during the partner addition to this the difference between both of them that it thank you


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