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Class 12






Human Reproduction


Differentiate between capacita...

Differentiate between capacitation and fertilisation.

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Differentiate between capacitation and fertilisation.



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Differentiate between capacitation and fertilisation.
Chapter NameHuman Reproduction
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students are the portion portion is differentiate between capacitation and the of fertilization so you will see these two processes then we will say what is the difference between annual one side we will see capacitation and then we will fertilization capacitation and the fertilization capacitation is a process of physiological changes its process of physiological changes that occur in a spermatozoa these physiological changes these included the increase in the membrane fluidity included the increase membrane fluidity Prati little movement of

cholesterol towards the apical region lateral movement of cholesterol to the apical region so these changes physiological and biochemical changes occur in the metro spermatozoa why this changes occur at the spermatozoa more competent these make the sperm jawab more competent to fertilize the egg to fertilize with the egg to fertilize do with this process is known as the capacitation occurs only in the mail or we can say that the spermatozoa spermato talk about the fertilization fertilization it is a fusion it

is the haploid diploid male gamete the palm which is the spot in the haploid female candidate this fusion is called as a fertilization and IT results in the formation of the deployed deployed the molecule that is called as I got that is having the deployed content from male and applied from the father mother this is I got undeployed contain only one that is but in fertilization both the gametes are involved and

capacitation occurs before fertilization fertilization is a l step after the capacitation so this is about the capacitation and the fertilization and this is what the difference is hope you get it thank you


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