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Differentiate between :



hello everyone was the question is differentiate between degradable and non S series and write Sohail forces at differentiation between biodegradable waste and non bio degradable right here this biodegradable waste these are the waste that can be broken down broken down into organic compound such as carbon dioxide and water write by the microorganism microorganism all living organisms like this biodegradable ways these are the substance that are decomposed naturally right and these are considered beneficial
beneficial for environment right on the other hand this non biodegradable waste these are the waste that cannot be broken down in organic compound right and help this non biodegradable waste substances these are not decompose naturally right and these causes causes pollution Panda harmful to living right this biodegradable ways these include human waste
menya food waste exactly right and is non biodegradable waste these include plastic police siren metal except this is the definition between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable waste then second is the differentiation between and influence right here the sea weight it is waste water waste water or we can see domestic wastewater that is produced by community of people community of
write this it is carried by different drains and pipes from the comedy right so this is a mixture we can say it is a mixture of chemical and toxic materials write on the other hand when this is waste water can save waste material which was discharge into a sewer discharge into Shiva by the industrial or business processes buy industrial processes
write is it is different totally different from a daily house product based product right totally different from household waste product right so we can define the SI fluent as a anything other than a daily waste product like toilet bath other right to this the definition between the series and sequence right


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