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Class 11






Excretory Products And Their Elimination


Dialysis fluid contains all th...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Dialysis fluid contains all the constituents as in plasma except ________.

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Text Solution

Solution : Dialysis fluid contains all the constituents as in plasma, except the nitrogenous waste.

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Chapter NameExcretory Products And Their Elimination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello everyone here the question and current affairs is dialysis fluid contains all the constituent as in plasma blood type of question and question Human excretory system which is known as dialysis cooking to here we would understand what is a situation when whenever there is a function of kidney at the time there can be accumulation of of Urea in blood pocket there is blood or vacancy in waste in this condition is known as uremia ok so for treating this

external hemodialysis in which explain the process in which by taking a suitable artery blood artery basically whole blood cold blood is drained out ok drained out and just understand this process this is a section I am making and in this section you considered as a Cello pen Cello pen which is like a partition you can understand and this painting is surrounded by basically understand that this is a column in which there is a dialysis fluid dialysis fluid

and this is this section contain human blood what happened in the human blood there is blood + it have plasma ok plus it have nitro general waste also ok which is the which we can say that it have you and this is a dialysis fluid it has a same thing in IT blood and it have plasma but no nitrogen no nitrogen so we can say that the concentration ration concentration higher as you do this telephone things have some poses

so what happened this nitrogen is waste will come here in this dialysis fluid so this after this whole thing to do bol best computer dialysis fluid the human blood which is left with only blood plasma which is a pure form and return back to that human ok so this is the whole procedure but a question and asking only about answer because the type of question for dialysis fluid contains all the constituent as in blood plasma nitrogen nitrogen or today dancer

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