Deuteromycetes are called "fungi imperfecti" as they have


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Step by step video solution for Deuteromycetes are called "fungi imperfecti" as they have by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students the question here is a 32 ROM it is called fungi imperfecti as they have so many talk about the different groups of the fun they know that while talking about the reproduction in case of a Jaaye Jaaye group members on the go Idol is sexual reproduction or vegetative type of reproduction by fragmentation and other methods for it in sexual mode of reproduction by the sea the there is divided into for the groups the one group the first group is a phycomyces followed by the second one that is a is my cities and the third one that is my cities so here you can see that in all the groups they will be formation of sexual or Asexual spores while the visit your my husband not show success for a successful so there are no is sexual spores here in the City Vice City Vice talking for the fourth group has a duty of ice is also called as input
Y there is no sexual reproduction which is seen here in this particular group show the examples of this is alternaria and connector type ka Bali see both of them are the parasitic fungi the aseptate hyphae is present only in the PM while the rest of the classes including the did you know my studies will not accepted Hai se having the cross was this is wrong option then it is autotrophic nutrition autotrophic nutrition is never found in Sanjay because they are all heterotrophic Buti taking a father parasitic and saprophytic mode of nutrition then it is only a success stages are present here this is the right answer for this questions option number is the correct answer because a section series of this type of fungus is not found that means in the members of the did you know my seat is no is 100 stages
when they were there will be discovered will be put into the classes order will be shipped to the ascomycetous if they found to have ascospores and their how to have the schedules for this we shifted to the procedure of it but right now it is not discovered that the fourth one says I got does not undergo friedel this is also the wrong option because it is again associated with the sexual stages is there are no 6 stages there is no point talking about that I got you option she is the most appropriate answer this question because there are only a sexual stages and this is Access 4 which is present in the device is the Kundiya this is all about this query option 30 writing so thank you

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