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Class 6






The Leaf


Describe vegetative propagatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Describe vegetative propagation in Bryophyllum.

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Question Details till 29/06/2022

Chapter NameThe Leaf
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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describe vegetative propagation in bryophyllum to be a supposed to describe about the vegetative propagation of Bradford vegetative propagation of reproduction in graphical integrity is accrual method know what happens in this vegetative reproduction is the leader of the Grand philim actually brought and they are having not as at its margin to reignite leaf of bryophyllum abroad and has noticed at its market the birds arising from the notice but arise from these notches and these birds which will be arising from the losses will be known as if it does this epiphyllous blood but can detach from parent plant and they will get in contact with the soil and develop into a metro plan that's right

is detached from parent plant get in touch with soil and develop into metric we have studied vegetative propagation in bryophyllum basically vegetative propagation in bryophyllum is a method of action of the abroad and have not had the margin and now there will be arising of but from them not turning into bird and is but are called epiphyllous But now these but have the tendency to give rise to new plant advantages route shoes ine small so basically the but has a complete potential of grown up into new plan now what will happen that this will data cache from the and fall into the soil now fall into the soil it grows into a complete Metro plants in the butt

this is all about the vegetative propagation of bryophyllum thank you so much

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