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Describe the phases of cell cycle.


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Three stages of cell cycle are G1 phase, S phase or synthesis phase and G2 phase.


students illustrate the question describe the phases of cell cycle ok Subah 11:00 describe different phases of cell cycle about cell cycle suicide essential divided into two the first one is known as the interface or we can see the resting phase of the cell and the second phase is basically known as the end phase of the mitotic phase of the cell cycle gap is the second is basically known as the S face of the synthesis phase 3rd phase is known as Jeeto based on the gap to face the divided into four different ages the first phase is known as the pro face in which chromatin become contents or some organisms definition in the second is known as metaphase in which chromosome are basically arranged in a metaphysical poet third pages and when the Chrome is basically split up
4th Phase 1 Kilo Ka aate ka face basically the end of the place where two daughters are almost from and with it is followed by static pages and understand the G1 Phase 1 Phase 1 at one place in which a many enzymes are been synthesized along with that are synthesized proteins are synthesized proteins visit the help in the process of essays which is the synthesis of DNA synthesis of DNA replication takes place the DNA is around to see that it was converted to force it is doubled up the processes which has to be done are been done and interface basically have around 25% of the total time of the cell cycle where as the 5% of the
cell cycle


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