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Class 11






Plant Kingdom


Describe the life cycle of mos...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Describe the life cycle of moss and fern with suitable diagrams.

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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Chapter NamePlant Kingdom
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone know we're going to understand about this question and describe the life cycle of Moss and Ferb mass for with suitable diagram this two pictures was the earth is first picture is so the life cycle of a plant this is true the life cycle of now if you talk about life cycle of fern plant it has two different history one plant two different stages that fit sporophytic sporophyte which release is post

this is purified release sport S IS gametophyte and estimate of fight is release leases Grammy sunao if you understand about the sperm we know that the fertilizer sports and gametophyte release of diameter fight plant are haploid and that means the gametophyte plants are haploid definition and number of chromosomes present here and sporophyte plant are deployed

now if we see the life cycle so as I told you are you are produced from the sporophyte is perfect plan now inside the leaf dispose aap present inside Delhi ok this is the leaf of this measure on plant this is the mutual fund plan a trip out a small part of leaf to decide the leaf sports at present then this is this sports now upon both Alice is present in the spot under these sports and this is sports are finally releases the this is form is fertilized to with eggs fertilized with eggs

developing a new phone plant this cycle is continuous and plant in case of when is directly directly fused with another step of this cycle is kept sperm cells releases this is about the next come to the plant plant the life cycle of mosquito plant is begin with the release of sports from the capsule which open when the small LED light structure that is copper colour as as

phone l sports are present in this case the leaf of the plant Mol plant belief of the moss plant that is a small part of it is called capital and this capsule from this capsule sports are released Pusa present in this capsule part now this is the coulomb like structure capsule is a LED light structure and called ove cooler sports germinate and form a branch kilometre protonema this sports are jomunate germinate and form a filament brass we can see that this is the branch ok filamentous

branch protonema this is called protonema now from which this protonema from which a leafy k m Pi is developed it is developed from this protonema ok delisi gametophyte develop ok this is your and important point about the leaf gametophyte which is developed in the protonema this organ for the sexual reproduction so this is such a let me this branch filamentous structure bear

origin of sexual reproduction of this is about to fight now released by the measure and redeem we know that and freedom is a product which attached into the next part of our Ki Guni I'm in the case of life that mass life cycle so the entry dume dume dume Hardik to measure structure gonia this male reproductive part and this one is the female reproductive part of now so as a SP know that

the common thing about production the mail and freedom which is attached into the neck of the earth ki bonium then once upon fused with Excel to produce the giant within this tiger is become sporophyte ok so so this is the cost flight structure is formed by the distraught after the plant is developed then this gametophyte is the entry which which is the male part of the plant and freedom is the entry DM the sperm is spermatozoids are in which this is this spermato Joy attached with the Aki gonium

and the sakega Niyam when the fuse with the access it is developed into it is produced is dicot it is produced got is the cell division after the cell division describe what is become the sporophyte in which is a new plant of more basic life cycle of mass M as our answer is complete here hope you understand well thank you


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