Describe the different modern methods of irrigation system and also explain the purpose of irrigation.

Updated on:21/07/2023
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Different modern methods of irrigation are as follows:
(i) Sprinkler system - This system is used on the uneven land where less water is available. The perpendicular pipes, having rotating nozzles on top are joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals. Water is allowed to flow through main pipe under pressure, which escapes from the rotating nozzles. In this way water gets sprinkled on the crop. This system is very useful for sandy soil.
(ii) Drip irrigation - It is a new technique which has been developed keeping in mind the shortage of water resources. Drip irrigation involves a system of pipes and tubes which supply water drop-by-drop at the roots of the plants, thus, minimizing its wastage.
Purpose of irrigation -
(a) Irrigation provides water to the plants for their various physiological activities, like photosynthesis, transpiration, ascent of sap, etc.
(b) Water helps in the absorption of minerals from the soil.
(c) Water is essential for germination of seeds and elongation of roots.
(d) Water is needed for the growth of plants.
(e) Plants contain 90% water of their bulk.
(f) Water protects crops from frost or from dry hot air currents.

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