Question : Describe seed banks.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Describe seed banks.

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requesting hairstyle describe the Pita it is a place where we store the see it is the place for the storage of teacher right and the storage of CT Scan in order to prevent the Genetic diversity write the storage of seed so that the Genetic diversity for the future can be provided that is now we know that there are usual what are the seed banks made up of so there are the what kind of conditions they are the flood resistant resistant as well as they are the radiation to campus in which they are sold here and the minimum temperature here it is of -20 degree Celsius for maintaining the viability of this feature as well as there is a low humidity in the chamber where the seeds are prevented here so that even if there any

circumstances any plant species it get extinct from the environment here right because now human activities and deforestation the disease are increasing the best increasing here because of any reason if a plant species it get extinct years with the seat and have in that particular see that species can be grown again this is usually the motive in order to prevent the Genetic diversity for the future and it is also because of the reasons that the plant breeders they need to increase the need to increase serial yesterday was told that modified Jin of that particular seat in the banks near then they need to have the high quality day should be high nutritional value disease resistant route to distance from that is why they are made

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QuestionDescribe seed banks.
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