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Describe post transcriptional ...

Describe post transcriptional processing of RNA in eukaryotes.

Video Solution: Describe post transcriptional processing of RNA in eukaryotes.

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Messenger RNA production requires synthesis of a pre-mRNA by RNA Pol II and processing of the nascent precursor by 5. capping, splicing of introns, and 3. cleavage or polyadenylation to make mature mRNA. <br> (i) Splicing : In molecular biology, splicing refers to editing of the precursor messenger RNA (pre-mRNA) transcript into a mature messenger RNA (mRNA) wherein introns are removed and exons are joined together i.e., they are ligated. Splicing occurs within the nucleus after transcription. <br> (ii), Capping : While the pre-mRNA is synthesized, a 7-methylguanosine cap is added to the 5. end of the growing transcript by a 5-to-5. phosphate linkage. In molecular biology, the fiveprime cap (5. cap) is a specially altered nucleotide on the 5. end of some primary transcripts, this process is known as mRNA capping. This is a highly regulated and vital process for forming stable and mature messenger RNA able to undergo translation during protein synthesis. The cap protects the nascent mRNA from degradation. Moreover, initiation factors involved in protein synthesis recognize the cap to help initiate translation by ribosomes. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/GRU_ISC_10Y_SP_XII_BIO_18_E01_047_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> (iii) Tailing : An enzyme called poly (A) polymerase (PAP) is a part of the protein complex that cleaves the pre-mRNA and it immediately adds a string of approximately 200 A nucleotides, called the poly (A) tail, to the 3. end of the just-cleaved pre-mRNA. The poly (A) tail protects the mRNA from degradation, aids in the export of the mature mRNA to the cytoplasm, and is involved in binding proteins involved in initiating translation.


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QuestionDescribe post transcriptional processing of RNA in eukaryotes.
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hello everyone is the question here is that describe the post-transcriptional processing of RNA in the UK are basically in the question they are asking about the post transcriptional events which take place in the RN in eukaryotes post transcriptional events we can say that is where in the RNA and name of which organisms of the eukaryotes where so what we see here with the post transcriptional things so this is the process the post-transcriptional processing is it occurs when the primary is basically that process which converts the primary transcript into the mature and primary transcript when this primary transcript it is converted into macha r n a

this mature RN it is sent for the translation process because it is completely ready to synthesis into the to synthesise the proteins this process from here to hear it is the post transcriptional events in this include mainly three events that is capping capping isn't included in this insect is the polyadenylation polyadenylation occurs after this the splicing occurs this is the last three years three steps this thing occurred the capping the polyaniline dilation and the slicing handicapping what happens the capping occurs at the five prime and Sadi 5 prime and What happens the seven methylguanine scene is added 7 methyl guanosine it gets added at the five prime and of the RN

and this basically helps in what this addition the seven methyl methyl 1 Oz in addition on the five-time and helps in recognition of this RNA by the ribosomes in the translation process during the protein synthesis then when we talk about the polyadenylation process what is seen in the polyadenylation process so here the chain of Innocence that is at the three payments polyadenylation occurs at the three prime and and in this near about near about approximately 259 adenosine added at the change polyadenylation chain it is added At The three primary and that is it is known as the polyadenylation that is poly a tail this tail is known as poly this tail is added three primary of the any of the key that it has done and this in the slicing what we see that this primary transcript it

both the things like the sequences which quotes for the proteins and those which do not code for the proteins so the non-coding sequences that is B.Ed entrance do not code for any protein lean on coding sequence which are the entrance is do not code for the end for any protein so they are cut out and there were removed and decoding sequence that joined together and then the mixture are in a form to the entrance removal removal of the in transit is dancer this is how the post-transcriptional processing of the Aryan name the thank you