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Describe briefly the difference between geographical isolation and reproductive isolation of two populations of organisms.



aerostar describe briefly the difference between the geographical isolation and reproductive isolation of two population of the organism so we'll talk about the difference between the both the first we have the geographical isolation right and the next we are talking about the reproductive isolation if we talked about the proper definition here the first point of difference will be a proper definition Geography kal isolation is the type of which actually separate population we have the separation of the two populations with the help of the physical barriers here we have the physical barrier any kind of Mountain would be there Bihar the ocean in between them that time and reproductive isolation is the separation between the two population here in such a way that they are
we cannot interbreed right they cannot interbreed right and as a result of this they cannot produce the fertile organ is the right we know that only the intra integrating at its preferred within the Nature Cure because if two different species they will meet with each other the infertile organism would be produced which cannot reproduce or so the second point of difference would be that this Geographic isolation it is usually caused by the geographical barriers right said about the mountains she is any kind of river is there right and reproductive isolation it is caused by the behaviour Bahe Dariya sure that it can be due to the temporal the difference in the mating time here and we have the geographical barriers it can act as a barrier between
third point of difference is that it is a form of the reproductive isolation isolation it is the form of the reproductive isolation right and if it talk about the reproductive isolation here so this is the major cause for the speciation that means the formation of the different kinds of species right now if you talk about the examples here at last will conclude with example the example of the geographical isolation Darwin finches here we have the example of the Darwin Spencers which actually adapted into the different kind of species because of their adaptation their food adaptation here and reproductive isolation example is that the temporal isolation between the red leg and the yellow legs from here they are the same kind of species here but they have the reproductive
is this quite differently here


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