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Structural Organisation In Animals


Describe alimentary canal and ...

Describe alimentary canal and digestive glands of cockroach.

Text Solution

Solution : Alimentary canal. The alimentary canal onsists of following parts : <br> I. Stomodaeum or Fore gut.It is ectodennaf in origin and is lined internally by cuticle. It consists of following parts : <br> (i) Preoral cavity. It is not a trlie cavity. It is an ill defined cavity. It is bounded anteriorly by labrum, faterally by mandibles and first pair of maxillae and posteriorly by labium. It is a space in front qf the mouth, it is thus known as pre-oral cavity. The tongue like hypopharynx projects into it, as its posterior wall. The common efferent salivary duct opens at the hypopharynx. <br> (ii) Mouth. The mouth lies at the base of the pre-oral cavity. <br> (iii) Pharynx. The mouth leads into a tubular pharynx. It has a well developed muscular walls. It ascends vertically upwards, then it bends backwards and opens into the oesophagus. Tl)e anterior part is known as anterior pharynx and posterior bent portion of pharynx is known as posterior pharynx. <br> (iv) Oesophagus. It is a thin walled tube. It passes through neck into thorax. <br> (v) Crop. Posteriorly, the oesophagus dilates into a large thinwalled, pear shaped sac called crop. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KRS_BRO_RRS_BIO_XI_C07_E02_090_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> It is the largest part of alimentary canal. It lies in the throax and anterior part of abdomen. It serves as a store house of food. <br> (vi) Gizzard. The crop opens posteriorly into a small thick walled, muscular gizzard. Its inner cuticular lining is produced into six hard chitonous teeth. They help in grinding the food. Behind the teeth are present six pads which bear bristles. The bristles act as a strainer and the gizzard opens into midgut like a funnel. <br> There is present a sphinctered stomodael valve which does not allow the food to go from mid gut into fore gut. <br> 2. MesenteronorMidgut.. Themidgutislined internally by endoderm. It is a thin walled narrow and short tube. It is the main organ of digestion and absorption. From its anterior end arises 6-8 club shaped hepatic caecae which end blindly. There is preserit a sphinctered pyloric valve at hinder end of mid gut. It does not allow the faecal matter to pass from hind gut into mid gut. <br> 3. Proctodaeum or Hind gut. its epithelium is ectodermal in origin. It is lined internally by cuticle. It consists of following parts : <br> (a) Ileum. It is a short thin walled tubular structure. At its anterior end arise 60-80 yellow thread like malpighian tubules which are excretory in function. <br> (b) Colon. The ileum leads into a long wide and coiled colon. Its lining is wrinkled. <br> (c) Rectum. The colon leads into a terminal dilated, short and thick walled rectum. Its inner lining is produced into six longitudinal folds called rectal papillae which help to reabsorb water from faeces. <br> (d)Anus. The rectum opens to outside by a narrow slit called anus. It is surrounded by podical plates. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KRS_BRO_RRS_BIO_XI_C07_E02_090_S02.png" width="80%"> <Br> Digestive Glands. Following digestive glands are associated with alimentary canal : <br> Salivary glands. One pair of bilobed, whitish and translucent salivary glands are present around oesophagus and crop. Each gland consists of a glandular part and reservoir. Salivary glands secrete saliva containing mucin, amylase, cellulase and chitinase. The common salivary gland duct and common reservoir duct join to form efferent salivary duct which opens on tongue, <br> Hepatic caecae. At the junction of gizzard and mesenteron eight, tubular, finger like hepatic caecae are present which project freely into haemocoeal. Eight hepatic caecae open at start of midgut and secrete many digestive enzymes-lipase, protease, peptidase, amylase, maltase, lactase, invertase, chitinase.


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