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Nervous System


Define the following term : S...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Define the following term : Stimulus.

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Chapter NameNervous System
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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today we will discuss the new portion the questions that define the following terms that is now what is mean by term establish the question ask about that if we look at this time we look at this semester MLA we meet a we can easily understand the term established by writing example which type of example for example we touch your heart object we touch the hot now this object what we do that after taking the hotel but you say that after within Mini s s u hand your hands were pulled back every touch the heart of Jack with your hand and within the few seconds and within minutes seconds with flowers and we can easily understand that why we put our hands with a certain kind of chemical reaction on certain kind of message after reaching to the body that this is a hot object which cause injury to a body so it is a kind of stimulus it is a kind of the stoma

how we can define the stimulus to stimulus is defined as strong as is define as a kind of response as a kind of response is a kind of response which are produced by a body is which h was produced by the body which which was awake and very precisely say which is produce our body produced by body why produced by body when it come in contact with the environment or any chemical things which harm their body when they come in contact with physical environment when they come in contact with physical environment when the come in contact with the physical environment is a one kind of stimulus which is generated and due to this is too much what happens is that this is a kind of response

is generated and this is usually defined as 2 + example for example you touch and what object within a few minutes I can you put your head back and example of the stimulus so this is the definition of customer thank you

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