Question : Define the following: <br> Complete flower

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Define the following: Complete flower

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this question we are supposed to define the complete flower rights we discuss what the complete flowers that simply flower is a seat sharing part write it is a seat sharing part of the plant right and when we say that the flower is complete when it has the four walls write the complete flower is basically a flower which consists of four words and four words include the outermost one is the green colour sepals are the calix right and inner 28 is the brightly coloured petals or the Coral are right and in a 28 we have the male and female reproductive structure that is the stamen and carpel respectively right so basically if a flower has all of these four parts price

character set to be a complete flower and every country example so the rose flower write Hibiscus they are considered as the complete that because they have all of these four walls right

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QuestionDefine the following: <br> Complete flower
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