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Define and understand the foll...

Define and understand the following terms: <br> (i) Phylum (ii) Class (iii) Family (iv) Order (v) Genus

Video Solution: Define and understand the following terms: (i) Phylum (ii) Class (iii) Family (iv) Order (v) Genus

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : (i) Phylum <br> Phylum is the primary division of kingdom. It includes one or more related classes of animals. In plants, instead of phylum, the term ‘division’ is used. <br> (ii) Class <br> Class is a taxonomic group consisting of one or more related orders. For example, the class, Mammalia, includes many orders. <br> (iii) Family <br> Family is a taxonomic group containing one or more related genera. In plants, families are categorized on the basis of vegetative and reproductive features. <br> (iv) Order <br> Order is a taxonomic group containing one or more families. For example, the order, carnivore, includes many families. <br> (v) Genus <br> Genus is a taxonomic group including closely related species. For example, the genus, Solanum, includes many species such as nigrum, melongena, tuberosum, etc.


Step by step video solution for Define and understand the following terms: (i) Phylum (ii) Class (iii) Family (iv) Order (v) Genus by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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QuestionDefine and understand the following terms: <br> (i) Phylum (ii) Class (iii) Family (iv) Order (v) Genus
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question here is define the following terms if I love the class c family and the order and genius to define the term and then need to understand each of them so let's proceed with the first one that is silent but before proceeding first of all we must know that these are these are the taxes of taxonomic hierarchy and the basic classification we must know before starting on that's right here and then we proceed further the Mnemonics to learn all the taxes and write their name on its first and then name them actually King Philip to this is the name on it and then write about actors consider the person

each word first ke Kingdom then the Phylum class order family genus species classification that you must know before starting this is the taxonomic hierarchy in which taxes and other significant value in the year start with A and B can see from here it is Water Kingdom and the second largest unit of classification for the count of file that it is S

classification second highest unit of classification and classify different organisms living organisms that this is the second highest unit of classification apart from this what we can say it is related classes of animals related classes of animals and plants plant Phylum is called division mis call division and related classes of and when different classes of animals are kept in Phylum Class C definition class 9

is basically a taxonomic group it is a taxonomic group consisting of of one or more related or will see this with classification that we applaud you after Phylum class and this class is a group which consists of one or more related order related order to get a classified and let us put an example if you're talking about a prime minister order Prime Atta versus order carnivora then it is common and Kanpur is a tiger but both of them together

can be classified under same class mammalia this is an example of related order classified under similar class status Tamil family after order this family is just before she was trying to find a taxonomic group is a taxonomic which consists of literature related genera and talking about example sentences in the family minut consider the family community

classify them in photo Chanda I find it in the same categorisation same family comedy about order order Tamil people talk about it is basically a taxonomic group which contains a which consist of one or more of them consists of something which is attacks of which is just straight which is just behind it is just in Louboutin family to families went together combine

in the category of order to generate combined together they estimate of family on PC for order one or more combine together and form a committee of about example he can consist of of improved after Autograph Bina to be right about it genius genius we can say that I can similarly related species is right here also it is the taxonomic through which will include

closely related species include closely related species and Standards with an example of a particular gene and the species can be differentiated as I can say Milan genre is potato Nilanjana brinjal and diagram black that you can see that night plantation tour will internal stitches

potato so here we have learnt about all the fighters in detail