Question : Decondensation of chromosomes occurs during

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Decondensation of chromosomes occurs during

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Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase

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question it is the condensation of the chromosome occurred during the bitter taste repeat metaphase anaphase of the tail op talk about the chromatin here that means the chromatin tastytrade like fibre sure and leg is like this year this is the loop of the bundles which is present in now during the metaphase this proof East Asia we will see that there will be the process of the condensation be condensed form of the chromatin will be seen in the probe the metaphase stage of the one where is Sidhi highly condition form of the chromosome because they will eventually contents and they will lead to the formation of the chromosome on which the DNA as genetic material it is present now the end of a station is that there will be fitting of the sense that it is the point of 8

attitude of traumatic will happen here there will be the construction of the spindle fibre with the help of which city sister chromatid they will reach at the end when they have reached the pole that it is acid or face the chromosome stay at the end of the cell now the decondensation after the chromosome Vikram at its face your what will happen during the late seal of a stage we will see that if this was initially the selfie your rights after its multiplication we will see that it will be something like they will be a Paro here cleavage point will be there and industry was point after that they will be converted or they will be added to daughter cells dear so their appearance of the the condensation of chromosome will help in the release of this chromatin back into the nucleus of the cell hear of the particular daughter cell so that the

individual cell formation but happened 3253 answer

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QuestionDecondensation of chromosomes occurs during
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