Cycas is a


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the person says hackers is a living Fossil bi Fossil species exotic species what is cycle cycle is commonly known as the scientific name is cycas revoluta and long to pump category belongs to storm category so if it is the options cycas is considered to be considered to be live
living because it is still alive today still alive today and unchanged for years now by their by their related members are elected members become how to become extinct or porcelain fossilized extinct or
converted into positive but this species is considered to be living Fossil because it is still away today option is a correct answer because b s a b says possible so that is not correct conserve endangered species it is because the convert conservation status of tigers is near threatened near decreasing but it is not endangered option exotic so this is also wrong answer because our India India has nine patients 9 features of it is
exotic variety so we have a answer in which is correct answer is a living fossil

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