Question : Cud chewing animals are

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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animals are options are sanguivorous ruminants frugivorous for Cannabis so let's discuss the options one by one first option is to these are the animals which feed on which means that they are blood sucking organism that feed on blood so this option is in correct with respect to cut chewing animals second option is ruminants so what happens in ruminants food to ise food to iced which means that this wall of the food and drink it down with bacteria then the regurgitate the food and q it properly firstly

follow the food swallow the food and break it break it with the help of with the help of bacteria and food becomes card then they rigagut ate this food we eat their food and then do it again after this process they swallow and digest the food for low and digest the

food this whole process of choosing their food twice is known as cut during curd and it is the which also known as ruminants so this option will be the correct answer with respect to cut should now the third option is to give office so frugivorous are the organisms which feed on pain on the last option is cannibals so can use are the organisms which shows the act of consuming and other individuals of the same species as their food so we can write that they feed on another individual

same to the correct answer of this question will be that is human thank you friends

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