Question : Corpus callosum is formed between two

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Corpus callosum is formed between two

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cerebral hemispheresauriclesventricleskidneys


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hello portion is Corpus first option is second is Oracle toad is a ok role of Corpus callosum it is important to remember that is why it is divided into a left and right these are two now important thing to know medial longitudinal pigeon longitudinal fission

longitudinal pigeon medial longitudinal district median longitudinal fissure separates the left and right cerebral hemisphere Corpus callosum ok talk about Corpus Corpus callosum it is the large Corpus callosum it is a large CC CC fibre bundle bundle found Beneath The

cortex found Beneath The cerebral cortex clear now what does this Corpus callosum does copper is along the midline of the brain that medial longitudinal fissure is the from found midline of the brain which is media left and right cerebral hemisphere looking so it at them this is our nerve fibre bundle found any discernible cortex is it stretches along the midline of the brain connecting the left and right cerebral hemisphere and it makes up the largest collection of

white metal tissue found in cooking coming back to our options they are clear from the explanation that I have given you about Corpus callosum that purpose callosum is surely found between cerebral hemisphere which is the correct answer know if it's about auricles and ventricles these are incorrect option as these are and the next one in kidney kidney is also in correct cerebral hemisphere thank you

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QuestionCorpus callosum is formed between two
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