Question : cornea, retina, sclera, choroid

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: cornea, retina, sclera, choroid

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hello we want to hear that question question se squad near retina 13 and the choroid so what are these are the part of the eye latest draw the structure and how these parts are placed in the I will be collinear then comes the living then comes the sclera Tera is the white Panda white part that you see in your eyes is the Mera OK then this comes optic area over here then this was then over here lenses placed and over here is the latest to magnify the cornea is the transparent part ok then another area in a side in a side will be the choroid security is the inner layer that is present after the cleric this will be the choroid ok after the cold comes the retina this is the retina where the image is

pond and the area from letters mark each and every cornea ok this is what did I say this is the Iris this is the length of the lens This Is The Pupil is The Pupil then out off white part is the clearest care will form the outer lid and company choroid this will be the choroid then the innermost will be the retina and the optic nerve optic

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Questioncornea, retina, sclera, choroid
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