Question : Cork combium represents

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Cork combium represents

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Secondary meristem Primary meristems Intecalary meristem Apical meristem

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hello hello call cambium represent the second option in second primary Meristem induction intercalary Meristem and optionally apical Meristem tissue cancer bandal bandal it has two parts Indian while the other person is the major part of

it is a part of epidermis is a part of epidermis and it is present between the call can primary floyam it is present between present between call and primary flame also the other name of cork cambium the other name of call cambium and Jerry cambium and

Dev name of cal cambium is responsible for secondary growth in call cambium is responsible for it is responsible for the Secondary Secondary Meristem movie Kendriya in secondary group it is responsible for the growth and secondary merit in Hubli secondary group it is mainly found in

it is mainly found in Dicot and it is the part of plant stem so we can say the correct answer for the cork cambium represent cork cambium present s s the correct answer is also due to the

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QuestionCork combium represents
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