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Kingdom Plantae Or Metaphyta


Coralloid roots of Cycas are...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Coralloid roots of Cycas are

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Negatively geotropic Positively geotropicPositively phototropic Negatively phototropic.

Answer : A

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Chapter NameKingdom Plantae Or Metaphyta
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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are students the question says coralloid roots of cycas are given options are negatively geotropic positively geotropic positively phototropic negatively phototropic about geotropic about a topic first so it is the directional growth directional growth of an organism in response to the

ok now this jio topic response could be positive or it could be negative if we talk about another term that is phototrophic phototrophic means of obtaining energy from sunlight to synthesise organic

lb nutrition right now if we talk about given options of a year for the first option se is negatively geotropic write what is term coralloid roots makes so rules which are also known as Lloyd roots which are also known as topic that means that they are negatively geotropic that means that they grow away from the Earth

are option number one becomes the correct answer over here that coralloid root of cycas and negatively geotropic that means that grow away from the gravity or away from the Earth discuss about second option cactus positively geotropic so this will automatically become incorrect because the roots of cycas shows negative geotropism write about option number 3 that says positively photo topics with this will be incorrect because the rules are going towards like against the cavities of cost and not going to be positively and put option because we discussed over over here that phototropic means what that it is the growth of the organism write organisms obtain energy from the sunlight to synthesise what organic compounds for the nutrition diet it is incorrect over here is negatively photo

becomes incorrect because if the plant is growing inside the root is growing away from the gravity away from the Earth its anyway not going to show any phototropism over there right so all the options with the incorrect instead of the first auctions of first option over here become the correct answer I hope I have sold equation thank you

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