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Human Health And Disease


Consider the following four st...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Consider the following four statements (I-IV) regarding kidney transplant and select the two correct ones out of these. I. Even if a kidney transplant is proper the recipient may need to take immuno-suppresants for a long time. II. The cell-mediated immune response is responsible for the graft rejection. III. The B-lymphocytes are responsible for rejection of the graft. IV. The acceptance or rejection of a kidney transplant depends on specific interferons. The two correct statements are

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Text Solution

II and IIIIII and IVI and IIII and II

Answer : D
Solution : I and II

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Chapter NameHuman Health And Disease
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the following statements regarding kidney transplant in select2 correct options are first even if the recipient may need to take immunosuppressants for long time S is the cell mediated immune response is possible for the graph is the acceptance or rejection of a kidney transplant depends on the specific interference or and have to find out the to correct it what is capability to fight fight we have to win the higher organisms have community

indeed being the present since birth during the lifetime is acquired during lifetime no there are certain specific proper what are those properties is a memory for interaction it is a specific type of memory it is a specific type differentiate it can differentiate self cells and known cells means whether the cell is

of body of not then this is acquired immunity it generates the secondary secondary response for fighting passage that is this strong intensified response and acquired immunity is provided by it is immunity antibody mediated for body mediated immunity is also called the humoral immunity or humoral mediated cell mediated immunity immunity

know this antibody mediated is B Lymphocytes will actually meet antibodies and take the Rebel fight with specific antibodies against the antigen and cell mediated immunity is conferred by which include helper cells and T cells Mehndi colour self preparation sales memory cells B lymphocyte make antibody stimulate the B Lymphocytes in our bodies where as the

act of killing the secrets of material that are called performance known to generate pose in the bacterial cell wall and cell mediated immunity is also responsible for graft rejection it is the synonym of immunity which is responsible for graft rejection Autograph projections we know that the immunity differentiate itself then which means a person has taken a graph maybe allograft that is from someone else body so what will happen that the self antigens different the person self antigens will be different from that particular cell mediated immunity immunity the self start working again that is specific to

that even if the transplant those transplant patients they have to take immunosuppressants throughout their life out there like for example it is one such immunosuppressant drugs which will suppress the cell mediated immunity with kidney transplant recipient may need to take for rejection

not an issue that craft rejection could be cell mediated immune response of graft rejection is not graft rejection not considered this rejection of the kidney transplant in various areas of our body that are the part of this innate immunity in part of innate immunity not the

actually interfere with the viral replication with the viral replication in order this is one and two not in correct answer is it says one and then rest

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