Question : Congress/carrot Grass is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Congress/carrot Grass is

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Carthamus oxycanthaEchinops echinatusEupatorium odoratumParthenium hysterophorus.

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hello everyone that start the questions of the questions that carrot grass is customers can you Pata grass is a which has created and produced by at large populations biochemical that affect the grazing and as far as the option of this party is the best

is native to American X and is a visit places in India Australia and that suppress crop and pasture disaster number one is object and it is and cloud cloud and it is the native of the north and some option number 2 at Inox internet so it is in India Pakistan

and Sri Lanka block thistle is An erect branch her that is about hundred centimetre hai option number 3 eupatorium order it is the tropical and the right answer of our question will be option for is known as

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QuestionCongress/carrot Grass is
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