Question : Complete the following: <br> `"Protein "overset("Pepsin")to`.............

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Complete the following: "Protein "overset("Pepsin")to.............

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this question was asked to complete the following to be a given here the protein over stats pepsin to write this basically means that the protein when it is exposed to enzyme pepsin right what it will produce rights is simply the digestion for The breakdown of protein by the enzyme pepsin it simply takes place in the stomach right and this enzyme pepsin it is secreted it is present or in the gastric juice that is secreted by the walls of the stomach right simply protein it gets broken down into smaller types right into smaller peptides and right smaller peptides and the amino acid that can be

easily absorbed into the small intestine so the answer your is the peptides and their amino acids right

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QuestionComplete the following: <br> `"Protein "overset("Pepsin")to`.............
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