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Nta Neet Set 30


Competitive release' refers to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Competitive release' refers to

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Inablity of two species to co-exist indefinitely and eventual elimation of the competitively inferior species Avoidance of competition between species cometing for same resource by figuring a compromise Expansion of distribution of a species restriced to a small area due to a comptitively superior species being experimental eliminatedEvolutionary success in devising a mechanism to counter and neutralize competion

Answer : C

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Chapter NameNta Neet Set 30
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is what is competitively ok competitive release propose to select considered I have one small area selected the small area we have here we have not ok with this is a species 12 this is it is one and that we have others perceive also wishes to 12 this species 1 and proceed to the complete with a visit each other for the same resources essay in this geographical area there are saying resources there and thus it is an unfit we will compete with each other but let's say if you remove one species lets you have removed restrictions to remove it in this case what will happens this species 4 will grow and expand in the Limited area ok so this is your unlimited area

where your where your wishes to regrow ok near the cities to will grow the lesson the competitive release of the inability of the two species to coexist indefinitely and eventual elimination of the competitively in serious disease ft if the species is eliminated from the population and they cannot coexist together this is called as competitive exclusion competitive exclusion this is given by NGOs in principle ok so this is not the answer this is the competitive exclusion what what is Arctic competitive release in release if you remove the species of this experimental this is another species will grow in that respect is only ok to the second option is avoiding of competition between the species from building for the

proposed by triggering the compromise notes expansion of distribution of this is restricted to small area due to competitively Superior species be experimentally eliminated in this competitive area under the red one is the competitively in periods so whenever you are removing the competitive the superior says this species to is growing in the restricted area of a this is the competitive release this is the correct option and The Fourth 1st military sectors in the device in a mechanism to encounter and utilise the competition is also encourage the correct option for competitive really is

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