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CO2,CH4,N2O and CFCs are called green house gases because they absorb and emit


लिखित उत्तर

Heat rays
Gamma rays
The correct Answer is B


today question here is that you to put them into books and the sea of thieves are called greenhouse gases because they absorb and obtain the options are UV rays have this work gases which is carbon dioxide Methane is nitrous oxide and cfcs is closed and all are collectively called the greenhouse can we are going to understand the concept of and for this we are going to draw a contract is the earth has many layers and layers are basically protecting the Earth surface areas harmful radiation coming from the toughest or to be from the rays of the
these rays are basically we cancel the shipping to the surface of the earth and when we talk about the rays of the sun is that these rays are electromagnetic radiation they are electromagnetic radiation and depending upon the wavelength we can divide them into 3 part 3 part of the first is the urine test the second is the place that you are able to see the third is the infrared rays to hear what happen is one of the most of them will reflect that they will reflect these molecules are present the gases present and greenhouse gas
you will and father of the UPS and that's fine either they are going to add they are going to end this fall in this layer of the Earth is why we have a sustainable environment over the part of the present in electromagnetic radiation because the heat faced the axis of the government is a basically the part of the part of the base of the sentence not actually written divided into wavelength I have you rest of the correct answer will be option because you be raises a meeting
the UV rays react with the Uric acid and effect that is called Greenhouse gas


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