Question : Chromosomes separate during

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Early prophaseEarly metaphaseEarly anaphaseEarly telophase

Answer :


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questionnaire is saying chromosome separate during which phase of the first option it is getting only professor this is wrong option B is wrong because an early prophase what happens only condensation of chromosome take the nucleus disappear nuclear membrane was indicated the organelles disappear for this is not a h correct option to the next one that is of metaphase of mitosis is generally characterized by aligning of the required at lining of the chromosome at the equator ok so this option is also how we come to anaphase ok no what happens in anaphase basically in anaphase and joins it or two sister chromatid to ke Neta see the centromere the centromere ok the centromere to get the splits and separates the together that joins a together to sister chromatids that holds the two that holds two

whether the two chromatics of that holds together the two chromatic what it will do it will split ok and the chromosome will begin to separate the chromosome will begin to separate into separate the correct option you will be chromosome separate new of the following early anaphase letters in the last option that is our retail office what happens on chromosome reaches the chromosome reaches over cancer the CSR committee reaches the poles and they can call started and boiling during the terrific this option is also wrong so correct option is option number 3

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