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Class 12






Animal Types


Chordae tendineae ...

Chordae tendineae

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Chordae tendineae


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Increase area of ventricle Prevent pushing of auriculoventricular valve into auricles Keep auricles stretched Direct flow of blood into truncus arteriosus

Answer : B


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Chordae tendineae
Chapter NameAnimal Types
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question here is that the cord eat any is severely seat is chordae tendineae are rigid rod like structures which occur in the heart nowhere in the heart exactly that the Chambers of the heart which are called as ventricles it has got a thick muscle layer which is called as myocardium and inside the myocardium there are papa Allari Allari muscles are attached to the cord injury on one side where is it is attached to the so that mean by can also say that Gauri Tanaya is attached to the papillary muscles of the one side and on the other hand It is attached to the valves why we talked about the valves of the heart on the right side we have the tricuspid valve right to the tricuspid valve means that they are going to be three cups of these well so we have tricuspid valve along with this on the left side we have the bicuspid other metal valve

select the option which are given here chordae tendineae increases the area of ventricles this is wrong we don't need to increase the area of ventricles because it is not carrying out any such activity then it is it true that portion of the AV valve into the Oracle this is the right answer this question by the sea option number 2 is a correct answer so whenever ventricular assist all is going to take place during the process of ventricular systole ventricular contraction the rigid rod like structure that is a coder tendon is going to post the tricuspid as well as a bicuspid valve and they are going to close the valve this is going to prevent the backflow of blood into the oracles this prevents the blood flow of blood into the Oracle while at the same time that since it is attached to the papillary muscles are the other end it is not going to it is going to prevent the pushing of the AV valves into the Oracle so you option to is the most appropriate option for this

market as a correct answer for this question where are the other options the third one is it keeps Oracle spread this is wrong direct flow of blood to the truncus arteriosus this is also see what is truncus arteriosus it is a embryonic connection between the Pulmonary artery and the Utah it is the connection between the Pulmonary artery and the rotor the embryonic stages so it remains as a revenant there in the adult page to so you option number 2 is the right answer thank you

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