Choose the correct option w.r.t RNA.


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Step by step video solution for Choose the correct option w.r.t RNA. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


RNA the options are given us what is r n a r n is a ribonucleic acid right angles to write it is a single strand molecule it consists of uracil the place of right we know that in DNA present the base but instead in RNA uracil is present inside of timing then it it is quite reactive and is unstable alright it acts as a catalyst in various biochemical reaction ok catalyst function is to increase the rate of reaction write two are any acts as a catalyst in various
chemical reaction for example the formation of peptide during Protein synthesis write another important function of DNA is that it has it helps in protein synthesis right by the process of translation and RNA concept of ribose sugar which has which group alright to these are all the characteristics of the options that are given to us the first one stage presence of thymine and place in sugar this will be seen that it has three years group in sugar
correct write a single stranded molecule therefore the mutations can be easily reduced and right also it is quite reactive and unstable so mutations occur at today in the last days it is not so the statement will also be wrong about that at that

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