Choose the correct combinations
(a) Brassicaceaei A3+3(b) Fabaceaeii A5(c) Solanaceaeii A(9)+1(d) Liliaceaeiv A2+4


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Step by step video solution for Choose the correct combinations {:("(a) Brassicaceae", "i "A_(3+3)),("(b) Fabaceae","ii "A_(5)),("(c) Solanaceae","ii "A_((9)+1)),("(d) Liliaceae","iv "A_(2+4)):} by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


ok the question it is saying to use the correct combinations what are you here it is given your the families of brassicaceae publishers only really acid and your we can see the arrangement of sea and ocean is getting started of brassicaceae family know what happens if it is an important family of the flowering plants letters brassicaceae family first reset it is what it is economically important what happens if we are talking about the end of stream in class 6 number arranged into V there are 16 number their leaves into holes outer 27 shop and the stamens are they arranged into words in arrangement we can see two plus 4 this outer to ke this router to a short
4 hour long arrangement of our traffic cases we can write is as arrangement in this way ok this is the arrangement of brassicaceae family so APC brassicaceae matches with option number 4 in column to a is our option number 4G come to the second one which is of a system that is it is a fabaceae family fabaceae family is also an economically important family it is a p family we can say is AP family of the leguminosae family what happens if 3 is it has just 30 minutes at 10:00 in number here ok just a number of their diadelphous in nature what do you mean by divided so that is this team Insan United ok bye the filament to form two groups vitamins
filament to form two groups in in which number 9 + 11 consists of 9 and 11 seem so it will be represented as this one will be the symbol of our the baby so you are so busy matches with we can say option number 3 it messes with the option number 3 now we come to the next one that is insolvency family it is the sea is salty sea family dentistry ok song Messi family of 5 in number are 5 and their epipetalous
what are the characteristics there epipetalous now we can say how they represented ok how they represent a basically simple presentation of Solace family A5 how they are the same in how many days 5 in number of a set with match with our option number 23 is matching with option number 25 this is a reflection of solanaceae family since the last one that is our liliaceae family family family family of what it is liliaceae family is a family of a monocotyledon and What happens in the statements
stamens and their release in how we can say the rains in Seawoods Seawoods each consisting each consisting of two of them sorry sorry there is into holes if we see the reason to walls and each consists of three of them ok so this is our family and it is represented by presented it represented by the symbol of the range into words and their presence and December matching with option number 1 matches with option number 143 cease to MB is 1 so the correct option is your option number 3 years option number

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