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Test 9


Choose odd one out w.r.t. Prot...

Choose odd one out w.r.t. Protocooperation.

Video Solution: Choose odd one out w.r.t. Protocooperation.

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Barnacles -WhalesCrocodiles bird -Crocodile Sea anemone -Hermit crabRed-billed oxpecker -Black rhinoceros


Step by step video solution for Choose odd one out w.r.t. Protocooperation. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionChoose odd one out w.r.t. Protocooperation.
Chapter NameTest 9
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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question is odd one out interpreter Corporation first option is there and well crocodile crocodile sea animal and hermit crab red and black run the last mission given optical and the black rhinoceros to have the mutual relationship that but these all are the example of symbiotic relationship only in the symbiotic relationship both are benefit because that that that pic oxpecker governance land on the back of the body of dinosaur

they will eat that the tea which are the parasite for the Black rhinoceros and they are set is this way that the red billed oxpecker I getting their food and this black rhinoceros also have the space purple black red ATI the way they have a mutual relationship between that the siena Mint and the army cap here also one kind of symbiotic relationship in the sea animals covered Army reps body and when did hermit crabs are excreted the product so sea animal just eat that

excreta Honey Trap like that way both will be benefited from each other and hermit crab also getting the protection from the like that will they having put mutual relationship not adjust mostly they are sitting on the crocodile there trying to roam around when having any food so that tensor tissue the muscles are stuck up in their truth that the muscle tissues are just eaten by that could help but when open their mouth at that time proposed I Birds will teach in the mouth portion

and just there are just taking out at issue on muscles which chapter India to select the right way that the proposed I also get rid of that issued the muscle that means the cleaning process that and the Crocodile bird also having their food like that way they have to maintain their relationship was symbiotic relationship will it is also but in this relationship only just get not getting enough benefited from this relationship are the tourist attraction

with the well and pattern that is happening have any kind of biological so it will not get any future it just lose anything in this relationship that is known as a commensalism commensalism only that I'll get right and they can easily move with them and they are getting placed to and migrating all this thing they will be benefited but well and not getting any kind of benefits from the world doesn't have the proto Corporation Corporation near Deccan Queen crocodile but and crocodile and red and black Runner

but in the barnacle and not the example of protocooperation thankyou