Choose odd one out w.r.t. origin


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choose the odd one out with respect to the origin of cambium intercalary Meristem apical Meristem Audi intrafascicular cambium Chowk above the interfascicular cambium option ap so we'll talk about the differences we will talk about the difference Nation here it is defined as the ability of the cell to get specialised advice and it becomes specialise in its function and its structure right now the differentiation is you so beautiful creation it is the ability of the cell which have regained capacity for the cell division here right now after being a specialised tell the cell it loses its property of dividing but when the cell undergo the greed sensation that means it will again be gained its ability to
divide your right the cell division property will be to gain under certain conditions so the interface circular cambium and cork and information that is all the differentiation here where the apical Meristem intercalary Meristem and the intrafascicular cambium your they are the one which will lead to the formation of a certain kind of the tells you are the specialised cells with the help of the differentiation if they all are be wrong apni

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