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Question : Choose incorrect option w.r.t shoot apex

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Choose incorrect option w.r.t shoot apex

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Text Solution

terminal positionproduces nodes and internodesprimary meristemdifferentiated into four histogens

Answer :


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students the question here says to use in correct option with respect to the shoot Apex while we talked about the British Shooter breaks it is also called as the shoot apical Meristem it is derived from the medicine which is present in the plumule of the embryo is going to give rise to a shoot apical Meristem it lies at the tip of the strength and its branches as terminal but it also occurs in an inactive state in the address of the least as letter but so they can be formation of two types of this one month can be terminal parts in the form of terminal but it is present at the well as in case of axillary budget is presented the address of the leaf in the inactive state to shoot Apex is is is the shape is chronicle of dome shaped with outline it is covered over and protected by means of young leaves on buy it if the merits and consists of single paykel sale in many pteridophytes so here we see that it lies at the terminal position it produces the nose in the intern

picture of the stand and it is a primary Meristem because it helps in increasing the length of the plant and is not a Secondary Meristem which is associated with increase in the girth and 30 into it comes into picture of the latest stage of the life of a plant while the fourth statement which is given here is a wrong statement because here it says that it is differentiated into four histogens but it is not that is differentiated into Three Students to the state in which is given here is a wrong statement so according to the histogen theory which was given by Hanste in the name of the scientist was held in and this was in the year 1870 according to this theory the stem A particle medicine is differentiated into three regions the first one is the dermatogen so the word Derma means the outermost layer it forms the epidermis the second one

is the periblem the periplasm is that part which forms the cortex and the endodermis where as the third one is the playroom plerome forms the pericycle vascular bundles with the race and pit so here we see that the option number 4 is the wrong statement which is given for this one so we can mark this as the right answer this question this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionChoose incorrect option w.r.t shoot apex
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