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Class 12






Biological Classification


Choose correct option w.r.t me...

Choose correct option w.r.t members of deuteromycetes :

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Choose correct option w.r.t members of deuteromycetes :


Text Solution

Have branched and coenocytic myceliumHave sexual or vegetative phasePossess perfect and asexual stageAre decomposers of litter

Answer : B


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Choose correct option w.r.t members of deuteromycetes :
Chapter NameBiological Classification
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello Vivah answer the question here is choose the correct option with respect to the member of due to my sister's cute Romance it is it is a class of Punjab that is called in perfect Punjab why they are important because the perfect word is used for the tissues to reply and there in your am no sexual stage is no no no sexual stage has been observed so they reproduce by the vegetative scores that is ko media internet poton point about determine citizens that we know what is highway that is the long cylindrical thread like structure that is called Highway and this network of highways call mycelium so in case of am the highway they have the closed till was closed was so that is it kind of feels cold chapter type supported where as in

some of the fungus some other fungus other than due to my site is there is the highest paid it is there is a continuous column with multinucleate and there is no selvas in between these kind of structures that kind of highways gold sainosaitis highway so you to my cities which kind of I swear on my cm is observed chapter 8 not sainosaitis so from here we can conclude our answer that they have branch and SimCity mycelium know they have the septate mycelium this statement is wrong next is they have sexual or vegetative phase this is wrong they have 2 of these deposits perfect Imperfection Joy so this statement is also wrong now the correct statement that is they are the decomposers of letter due to my sister is their specific function is that they helped in the recycling of the

minerals so they are the decomposers of the letter and their help in recycling of the mineral so correct answer decomposes of L thank you


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