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Class 12






Mock Test 25


Choose correct one w.r.t. resp...

Choose correct one w.r.t. respiratory climactic.

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Choose correct one w.r.t. respiratory climactic.


Text Solution

Sudden sharp rise in rate of respirationInduced by cytokininsOccur at the time of floweringDecrease in rate of respiration in dormant seeds

Answer : A


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Question Details till 27/11/2022

Choose correct one w.r.t. respiratory climactic.
Chapter NameMock Test 25
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is choose correct one with respect respiratory climatic start with what exactly is the respiratory climactic respiratory climactic is the sudden sharp rise in the rate of respiration and this mainly occurs due to the ethylene hormone it occurs due to ethylene hormone which is a pgr that is a plant growth regulator it is a simple gaseous hormone which is synthesized in large amount by tissues undergoing ripening of fruits it is synthesized by

shoes undergoing fruit ripening and this causes the swelling on the axis and apical hu formation in the dicot Seedling also it promotes the highly effectiveness of fruit ripening and also enhance is this respiration rate and this respiration rate rice is what is called as a respiratory climatic hence now we see all these options one by one starting with the first option we have sudden sharp rise in rate of respiration this option is correct as respiratory climatic is a sudden sharp rise in the rate of respiration coming to the second option we have induced by cytokines in this option is as it is

induced by ethylene plant coming to the third option we have occurred at the time of flowering this is also wrong as it occurs at the time fruit ripening and flowering coming to the fourth option we have a decrease in rate of respiration and dormant speech this option is ok as it causes increase in rate of respiration that also the time not documents hence we are the final answer as among the following is correct with respect to respiratory climactic is sudden sharp rise in freighter destination


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